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Rumble in the Valley Ticket Give Away


A winner has been drawn for the ticket give away draw. Thank you for everyone for participating!

Riverview Golf & Country Club


 Take advantage of these warm days by visiting The Riverview Golf and Country Club. It’s located at 14 Riverview Drive, Morris, MB. The Club is a 2875 yard, par 36, nine hole golf course with grass greens and a licenced club house. The course is open to the public and offers golf club and cart […]

2017 Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition


For many years the Manitoba Good Roads Association has been holding competitions in various categories, such as ‘Best Rural Yard’ etc. As a Municipality we are looking for properties to nominate for the Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition.  If you or someone you know has an admirable property and would like to be nominated to […]

La Grande Traversée


Yesterday May 23rd, 2017, our Reeve Ralph Groening had a chance to meet a group of cyclists participating in La Grande Traversée. La Grande Traversée (LGT) is across country event starting in Victoria, BC and ending in Bathurst, NB. Their goal is to raise awareness of the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Bicycling / Walking Trails


With summer just around the corner it is a great time to explore some of the walking and bicycling trails that our Municipality has.

2017 Property Tax Bills


2017 Property Tax Bills have been sent out. Along with the bills 2 inserts were sent which can be found below: 2017 Tax Levy Breakdown Education Levy Information