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2018 Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition


For many years the Manitoba Good Roads Association has been holding competitions in various categories, such as ‘Best Rural Yard’ etc. As a Municipality we are looking for properties to nominate for the Manitoba Good Roads Association Competition.  If you or someone you know has an admirable property and would like to be nominated to […]

Goldeye Clinic in Lowe Farm


On Monday June 11th, Lowe Farm was visited by a couple of the Goldeye’s baseball players and Goldie their mascot.  Starting Pitcher – Edwin Carl & Center Fielder – Reggie Abercrombie & LFMB President- Dulaney Blatz

Morris Splash Park


OH HAPPY DAY Splash Park Monday-Sunday 10:00a.m.-8:00p.m.

Morris Pool Programs

2018 Summer Pool Programs (pdf)

Morris Pool Schedule 2018

2018 Summer Schedule (pdf)

Water Discoloration


If you are experiencing yellow to light brown water do not be alarmed. It is caused by manganese in the water. It is a natural element found in the ponds and its levels are higher at this time of the year causing the discoloration. The water is not harmful and is safe to use.