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~ Notices ~

Water Update:

Water diversions have been constructed in the communities of Rosenort, Aubigny, Riverside and Lowe Farm. All have ring dykes that can sustain a flood similar 1997 plus two feet.
The water levels are being checked daily, sometimes more often. As a Municipality we are taking whatever measures are needed to ensure that our communities are safe.
Should you have any other questions feel free to drop by our office or call us at (204) 746-7300.

Message from EMO:

Should anyone be required to evacuate or are ordered by the RM to evacuate they must register immediately at the RM office. They must bring with them government ID and have the full names and date of births of any dependents living with them as well as the contact information including full address of where they are going to be staying and contact phone numbers for them.
Keep checking our website, Facebook and twitter for updates.