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Weather Notification: another weather-maker to affect Manitoba starting October 8, 2019

  • Possible heavy precipitation through parts of southern and central Manitoba starting October 8 going to October 14
  • Risk of snow and freezing rain
  • Risk of strong winds
  • Temperatures will cool significantly


  • Poor travel conditions
  • Additional rainfall will exacerbate conditions in southeastern parts of the province
  • Heavy, wet snow combined with fall foliage could result in broken tree branches, potentially impacting infrastructure
  • Freezing rain could impact infrastructure
  • Fall harvesting will be further hindered
  • Quickly falling temperatures will mean wet road surfaces will quickly freeze and become icy

Weather Event Details:
A cold front associated to a low pressure system travelling from west to east along the northern border of the Prairie provinces will sweep across Manitoba tomorrow (October 8) and Wednesday, bringing cold conditions and some precipitation.

A second low pressure system, more of a Colorado low type, will come up from the USA and make its way up to Manitoba.  The path of this low is still uncertain: it may travel straight up the Red River Valley or to the east of it – either way, it will bring rain and snow, and a risk of freezing rain, to southern Manitoba starting tomorrow or Wednesday.  Furthermore, this low is expected to stall over the area so we can expect wet conditions for several days, possibly into Sunday (October 13), with greater amounts over the southeastern corner of the province.
Some models are pointing to worrisome amounts of precipitation during this time period.