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PUBLIC NOTICE was given on September 28th, 2015 about some restrictions being placed on the above bridge.  Since that time we have had some reports of large trucks still crossing the bridge, even though the warnings and notices have been posted.  We have also experienced the removal and movement of the physical barriers that have been installed to limit traffic on this bridge.  Some of these concrete barriers weigh about 4,000 pounds, and this weekend they have been deliberately moved.

The restrictions that have been placed on this bridge have been done to preserve the bridge so that at least passenger vehicles can still cross.  We wish to advise that if we continue to have people ignore these restrictions we will be forced to close the bridge completely.  If closed, it would remain closed until such a time as the municipality can afford the finances to replace the bridge.  This bridge is owned by the Rural Municipality of Morris and the whole cost of the bridge would need to be paid for by our taxpayers.  Current estimated cost of a new bridge would be in excess of $2 million.

We therefore ask you to adhere to the restrictions that have been placed on the bridge so that we do not have to permanently close it.

Dated this 5th day of October, 2015 at the Rural Municipality of Morris

Council of the Rural Municipality of Morris

PUBLIC NOTICE of Bridge Restrictions – Additional Warning of Bridge Closure