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Tour Through the Municipality

On Friday December 15th the RM of Morris Council, CAO Larry Driedger, foreman Don Harder, building inspector Ed Penner, Manitoba Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler and Morris MLA Shannon Martin toured 3 RM businesses. The businesses are as follows:

SIM Enterprises – Located in Lowe Farm

  • Employs 15 people
  • Installed geothermal for IKEA in Winnipeg, MB

Midland Manufacturing – Located in Rosenort

  • Manufactures ground boxes
  • Family owned company
  • Company focus on quality and service

Westfield Industries – Located in Rosenort

  • Largest manufacturer of grain augers in the world
  • Employs 250 people


Below are several of the many photos taken by Reeve Ralph Groening while on the tour.

SIM Enterprises

MLA Shannon Martin, Manitoba Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler and owner John Waldner


Tracy Dueck, MLA Shannon Martin and Manitoba Minister of Agriculture Ralph Eichler